Training Programs

Vocational-Approved under the Private Career Colleges Act (2005) and by Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

Gas Technician 3

Gas Technician 3

The nine (9) modules for the Gas Technician 3 provide a foundation of theoretical and practical skills for entry-level gas technicians.Trainees will learn the skills to prepare them to write the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) G3 exam for licensing in the domestic natural gas and propane installation and servicing field.

Course length: 180 hours, offered as full time day classes or part-time in evenings.Hands on practical training is a major part of the course.

Total cost: $3,235.00. This includes the nine modules, CAN/CSA-B149.1-05 Natural Gas &Propane Code book, Ontario Acts and Regulations, Dutton Fundamentals of Gas Utilization, TSSA exam.Also included is the Record of Training for W.H.M.I.S. and Basics of Fall Protection.Upon completion certificates are provided.

Gas Technician 2

Gas Technician 2

The fifteen (15) modules for G2 build on the skills that the trainees already possess from the Gas Technician 3 training series.This material prepares trainees to write the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) G2 exam for licensing to work as a natural gas and propane technician,installing and servicing appliances up to 4000,000 Btuh(120 kw) without supervision. (Intermediate level gas technician).

Course length: 404 hours, and offered both full time day or part time evening sessions. Hands on practical training hours are included in this total.

Total cost: $5,945.00.00. This includes the fifteen CSA modules, the TSSA exam and safety certificate courses Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Lock/Out Tag/Out, Basic First Aid/CPR.

Gas Technician 1

Gas Technician 1

G1 is the industrial/commercial licensing for the gas technician trade, allowing a tech to work on gas fired equipment over 400,000 Btuh’s.To qualify for this training the student must have a valid G2 license for 4000 hours with 500 of those hours working on systems with an input greater than 400,000 Btuh’s under thedirect supervision of a person holding a G1 certificate.

Course length: G1 is 140 hours and only offered in the evenings at the present time.

Total cost: $4,000.00 which includes the B149.3 code book, G1 text and lab manuals and the TSSA exam.

Hvac Training

HVAC Training

This program teaches the student about heat pumps, ventilation and air conditioning.It touches on sheet metal, refrigerant reclaiming, charging and a/c maintenance procedures.This is a certificate only course and is the natural progression from heating.It gives the tech the skills to repair or install residential a/c systems to be able to gain their hours to challenge the MTCU 313D Certificate of Qualification.

Course length: HVAC training runs 260 hours and at the moment is only offered during the day.Should enrolment warrant it evening classes with be run.

Total cost: $3,820.00. This includes the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning textbook and Ozone Depletion Prevention certificate training.

Ggap Program


GGAP is new! This course is approved to fill the gap for the G2 technicians who have difficulties getting their 500 in field hours signed off.It is 90% practical session with hands on equipment over 400,000 Btuh’s.TSSA will accept a completion certificate from this course as your 500 field hours.The student who takes this course must proceed to G1. There is no TSSA license exam and challenges are not allowed.

Course length: 120 hours, only offered in the evenings.

Total cost: $2,500.00 which includes handouts created by the school and any field trips scheduled to see the equipment in operation.


Non-Vocational (Add-on Courses)

313d Residential Air Conditioning Challenge Course

313D Residential Air Conditioning Challenge Course

This course is a review course for the techs who have the 4000 hours needed to write the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities C of Q exam.These students should have their sign off book completed and have been approved to write the exam.

Course length: This course runs 24 hours and is only offered in the evenings.

Total cost: $750.00 which includes a study package prepared by the school.

Safety Courses

Safety Courses

WHMIS, Fall Protection, Transportation of Dangerous Goods(TDG), Ozone Depletion Prevention(ODP), Lock/Out Tag/Out,and Basic First Aid/CPR are certificate safety courses included in our programs,They are also offered to anyone in the field who needs certification.

Course length is usually 4 to 12 hours depending on the course.

Total Cost: $150.00 each.

Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeships (future aspirations or hopes!)

636G Gas Technician apprenticeship.The Ontario College of Trades has put this apprenticeship on hold for the time being, they have not assessed the gas training as a trade.We are approved as a training provider should it become available again.

313D Residential Air Conditioning and 308R Residential Sheet Metal installer are two other apprenticeships we are applying for at the present time.Having all three programs available under one roof in the Windsor area will help all apprentices in the HVAC field since they will not have to go out of town for training.This also means no filing for EI, no leaving your job or your family for 2 months.Should we be approved to become training providers for these programs the classes will be held in the evenings, so students can remain at work and go to school at the same time.